4 Things to Know About Mandarin Chinese

So you have made a decision to learn Chinese language, however, not very sure exactly what you have got yourself into? No issue! We’ve discovered 4 stuff that all newbie Chinese learners would like to know to begin mastering Chinese language!

1 – Chinese Pinyins
You most likely realize that Chinese characters will be the standard for written Chinese, however they are not so useful with regards to pronunciation for newbies. Being a beginner, your greatest buddy is pinyin. Pinyin is actually a system using the Roman alphabet to write out the sounds of the Chinese language. It isn’t a “pronunciation key,” it is a method of symbolizing the sounds of the Chinese language using a phonetic manner. What this means is reading pinyin effectively will still expect you to learn a few new sounds.

2 – Chinese Tones
Mandarin Chinese is actually a tonal language, meaning that each and every syllable possesses a tone, and the meaning of each and every syllable can alter, according to the tone. As a result in order to express your own self in Chinese to get the right meaning across, you need to pay focus on these tones! You will find 4 primary tones in Mandarin Chinese, and also 1 “neutral” tone.

3 – Chinese Characters
Even though the casual student of Mandarin Chinese might choose to not spend too much effort to learn Chinese characters, some would want to dive right in. There are only a few details you must know about characters to help make the most from your studies:

a – You can find 2 categories of Chinese characters: traditional and simplified. Taiwan still make use of traditional characters. Simplified characters are utilized in China and Hong Kong . Many learners of Chinese would like to learn simplified characters.

b – All Chinese characters are comprised of strokes. While you find out more and more characters, you’ll recognize that some parts of a character show up again in some other characters. All these repeating element parts share the same stroke order each and every time, and their utilization allows us to understand Chinese characters.

c – While writing Chinese characters, there isn’t any spaces in between words. This will cause it to be hard to see where a word ends and the next starts. Practice is the vital thing.

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